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Wear Your Kicks

"Look at what that swoosh did. See it consumed my thoughts

Are you stupid, don't crease 'em, just leave 'em in that box"

Remember the good ol' days when you were younger and times were simpler? When your parents would buy you that pair of shoes, you'd fall in love with them, than wear them to the ground? For that three month span, you enjoyed those kicks day in and day. Not a worry in the world about creases, scuffs, or yellowing.

Don't you think we should all go back to that?

This is a message for all the TRUE sneakerheads out there; Not you resellers. The one's out there that buy sneakers because they truly like them and can appreciate the art and the culture. If you love a sneaker, wear it! That's what they're meant for after all. In 10-20 years, they're all gonna look the same anyway. You might as well enjoy them while you still can. Here is a pair of Jordan 4 Breds from 1989 that didn't age as well timeless colorway.

Sneakers are meant to be worn. I'll say that one more time for the ones in the back. SNEAKERS ARE MEANT TO BE WORN.

The best way to truly appreciate its beauty is to wear it. Enjoy them! Sitting on a shelf or a box in the back of your room is no way you should treat your pair. You wouldn't buy a brand new Lamborghini and leave it in the darkest corner of your garage. So why do it with your sneakers? Make your grails your beaters. If they're your favorite sneaker, than why not wear them the most? Let the world see your art and appreciate them as much as you! Be proud to own them! And wear them with confidence. Wear them without looking down every ten seconds. Wear them without walking like a penguin to avoid creases. Don't go jumping in mud puddles, but be more carefree about what you do.

With that being said, if you purchased the pair as an investment and you pair on selling them, that doesn't count. But that's a completely different case. When you purchase sneakers as a product to sell, than you treat them as that. But if you appreciate the sneaker, and you bought it because you liked it, throw them on your feet and flex them. You worked hard to earn those. Whether it be working hard or searching long, you earned them. Use your sneakers for what they were intended for. Don't let your dope sneakers sit in a box collecting dust. Flex on them! You earned it.

This message is for those who are to scared to take your new sneakers outside in fear of getting them dirty! This is for those who leave they're grails on their shelves and not on their feet! You spent a fat check on them, why not get your moneys worth. Crease them, beat them up, enjoy them! After all, the only ones judging are those who don't respect the culture. A real one will appreciate your kicks whether they're at the beginning of their life cycle, or end.

Now that you've made it through our PSA, I'd like to leave you with some powerful words from the wise man, JCole:

"My sneakers is dirty but that's how I like it"

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