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The "Size 8-12  DOD(Don of Discounts) Mysetery Box" includes a random selection of sneakers and apparal from our inventory. Guaranteed to earn a profit to the resellers, or a nice addition to the rotation for the sneakerheads; Either way, you can't lose!


This box includes 2-4 pairs of sneakers and the potential for apparal and/or accessories. The box comes with a guaranteed profit, so it's perfect for resellers to make some easy cash, or sneakerheads to inject some serious heat in their rotation. The box is size specific to sizes 8-12 so this box shows some serious potential to for those looking for personals: Profit on this box ranges from $250-$350.  Boxes will only be restocked weekly and are dropped in limited quantities. 


DOD Mystery Box- Sizes 8-12

SKU: 06
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