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- Includes Original Box

- Released: 11/9/2007

- SKU : 318304-071

- Flaws: Some Minor Toe Box Creasing &  Very Slight Pullaway in a Couple Spots Along the Midsole

Product Background : Every year, Nike empowers children and teens by allowing them to design a signature pair of shoes. As part of collaboration effots with the OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland, Oregon. Designed by Sheridan Brenton, victim of a car accident who endured over 40 surgeries to fix his injuries, this Jordan 2 Doernbecher "Peacock" features black snakesin details, a paisley printed upper, and a printed 35 honoring his jersey number. The details and premium materials don't stop with these! Zoom in to catch all the details!

Jordan 2 Doernbecher "Peacock"

SKU: 022
Color: Green
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