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New: In Plastic (With McDonalds Paper Bag)

Aside from being apart of an absolutely legendary collaboration, this pillow continues to impress with it's full size and length. Curl up with your bae, your dog, or a pack of 10 piece nuggets(our personal favorite). This pillow released "pre-order only" on Travis Scott's website. Released in Septermber 8th, 2020 and shipping early 2021, this pillow has been one of the hottest non-sneaker items of the year. Lastly, this pillow is is entirely wrapped in plastic to ensure authentication and also comes with the classic McDonalds paper bag(with a Cactus Jack twist). 

  • La Flame did me dirty by sending the Brown McDonalds bag wit ha small tear
  • Same Day Shipping
  • 100% Authentic 

Travis Scott x McDonalds Chicken Nugget Body Pillow

Color: Sesame
Out of Stock
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